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When is Deer:30?

Deer thirty is the time when you're more likely to encounter deer on the roads. It starts at dusk and continues through dawn.

Dusk and Dawn

If you’re on the road, keep a keen eye on the sky. As daylight wanes, deer head from their bedding sites to find food. And, when it first starts to get light, deer return to their bedding sites.

This means that at both dusk and dawn, deer are very active.

When they’re active, they might be crossing roadways. So, if you’re driving around dusk or dawn, remember that it’s deer thirty and take steps to adjust your driving.

Deer Thirty Changes Throughout the Year

In Utah, the hours of dusk and dawn change significantly throughout the year. In the summer, dusk happens much later — and dawn much earlier — so you may never be out driving at deer thirty.

But in the winter, darkness closes in on us, and you might find yourself driving at deer thirty every day as you head to and from work.

Whether it’s dusk, dawn or the middle of the night, you should be on heightened alert for deer near the roads. Under these circumstances, it’s always important to DRIVE DIFFERENTLY:

  • Slow down
  • Scan ahead
  • Shift your mindset
  • Don’t outdrive your headlights